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Please watch this video walk through of the available clinical services and/or review the information below.

Your patients can access OHIP-covered support from Dr. Ooi in the following two clinics:


Toronto Sleep Institute (TSI): 

Dr. Ooi provides general Sleep Medicine consultation and management (including sleep studies) for patients ages 13-26 living in Ontario, Canada.  Please fax referrals to 416-488-3998. 

Please refer to TSI in the following scenarios:

  • If sleep investigations may be required

  • For insomnia and sleep timing/circadian concerns when the youth is uncertain about or not yet ready for a comprehensive treatment with the DECODE Insomnia Program through the DECODE Insomnia Clinic

  • All other sleep concerns (sleep disordered breathing, behaviours during sleep/parasomnias, hypersomnia, RLS movement disorders, etc.)

Please note that if you refer to TSI for insomnia or sleep timing issues, while general recommendations and resources will be provided, the comprehensive treatment approach is now only available through the DECODE Insomnia Clinic.  If a patient is assessed at TSI and wishes to proceed with treatment through the DECODE Insomnia Clinic, another referral is not required and we will facilitate the transfer of care.

The DECODE Insomnia Clinic:

This clinic provides insomnia and sleep timing treatment only and is designed for youth and parents who are ready for a comprehensive treatment program.  Treatment is delivered with individual and group support with Dr. Ooi for youth and parents.  More information can be found here here.


Because this comprehensive treatment approach is not always the most helpful course of action, we ask that patients and families initially self-refer to the clinic.  They will first have an intake conversation to determine if this approach is a good fit.

There is a program fee* to cover the cost of the online program and parent support sessions.

After an intake conversation, if your patient wishes to continues with OHIP-covered support within this program, a physician referral will then be requested.  

*Scholarship options are available to those requiring financial support.


Here is a breakdown of the clinical services and treatment programs.  Please send your questions to if you require future clarification about clinical options.

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