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A treatment program for insomnia for teens & young adults (ages 13-26).


Learn how to relax, tackle an overactive mind, and build healthy sleep habits without the confusion and overwhelm so that you have more time, freedom, and energy for the things that matter to you.



This program is a good fit if you 

  • Are between the ages of 13-26 and you are struggling with insomnia (difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep)

  • Live in Ontario, Canada and have a valid OHIP card

  • Are struggling to balance good sleep with having the freedom to enjoy your life as well as your other responsibilities (work, school, relationships)

  • Are motivated to change sleep but struggling to know how to and to implement changes for long enough to see sustained change

  • Can commit to about 2-3 hours of preparation time before the 5-week treatment session

  • Can commit one hour per week to complete the video lessons and exercises plus ~20 minutes of daily work during the 5-week treatment session

  • Are ok with this program being a pilot (i.e. lots of things to smooth out!) and with providing feedback so that the program can be improved

  • Have access to a good internet connection and a printer

Keyboard and Mouse



  • Cut-off for New Participants: January 21, 2022

  • Pre-Treatment Prep Week: January 24-28 (workshops and individual pre-treatment  appointments)

  • Winter 2022 Treatment Session: January 31-March 4, 2022



  • Pilot $50 per participant.

  • All group (Q&As, workshops) and individual appointments are covered with a valid OHIP card. 



  • Before the 5-week program starts, you will be given access to the private student page where you will have access to the WELCOME video lessons.

  • One appointment will be scheduled prior to the start of the program (likely during the week of January 24-28) in order to define treatment goals and finalize preparations for treatment.

  • Optional pre-treatment group workshops will be available prior to the start of the session to ensure that participants are ready to hit the ground running once the session starts.  All workshops will be recorded and can be viewed at a later time.  Topics include:

    • January 26th at 4pm: How to Help Your Teen Get Their Sleep On Track (for parents/caregivers only)

    • January 27th at 4pm: How to Relax with Dani Kraftchuk ​(participants and parents/caregivers welcome)

    • January 28th at 4pm: Final Preparations and first Q&A (for participants only)


  • During the 5-week treatment session starts, a new set of video lessons, cheatsheets and worksheets will be released on the private student page weekly.  

  • Participant (i.e. teen or young adult) support during the 5-week treatment session:

    • Optional group workshops will be held every Monday at 4pm over Zoom.  

    • Participants (teens/young adults) can submit questions and will have them answered during weekly group Q&A Zooms. 

    • Optional 20 minutes individual appointments (Friday afternoons between 1-4pm) for additional support, accountability and troubleshooting if required.

  • Parent/caregiver support during the 5-week treatment session:

    • Access to a private Facebook group for questions

    • Ability to submit questions which will be answered in weekly Q&As.  Q&As will be recorded for viewing afterwards.

    • Weekly video summaries of the content being covered by the teen/young adults.

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If you are interested in participating in the program, please contact the clinic at

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