At this time, there are three ways to work with Dr. Ooi and/or DECODE Insomnia.

More details below.

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Available June 13, 2022

For teens and their parents


DECODE ONLINE is a self-paced educational program for teens and their parents.  Content is delivered through an online portal with short video tutorials and worksheets.  

More information on DECODE ONLINE will be updated soon!



For ages 13-26 in Ontario, Canada


PLEASE NOTE: As of June 6, 2022, the DECODE Insomnia Clinic will no longer be providing general consultation or management of insomnia.  Dr. Ooi will continue to provide OHIP-covered general consultation and management of insomnia at the Toronto Sleep Institute (please see below).  

This virtual clinic provides insomnia treatment with use of the DECODE ONLINE program only.  An intake is required to ensure readiness and suitability for the program.  In addition to the DECODE ONLINE program, youth participants obtain access to weekly after-school virtual group appointments for accountability, troubleshooting, and experiential activities.  Group parent appointments are also available 


A referral is required.  While group appointments are covered by OHIP, there is a cost associated with this program. 

For referring physicians

Please ensure that your patient is aware that this clinic provides insomnia treatment with the use of DECODE ONLINE.  If you have a patient who is unsure about treatment or wishing to discuss other families, please refer to the Toronto Sleep Institute.  Please fax referrals to (647) 689-7588.

Clinic email:



General Sleep Medicine Consultation and Management for Patients Ages 13-26 in Ontario, Canada

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Dr. Ooi provides general Sleep Medicine consultation and management for patients ages 13-26 living in Ontario, Canada at the Toronto Sleep Institute (Medsleep)


A physician REFERRAL is required.  Appointments are covered by OHIP and are being delivered virtually.  

While general recommendations for insomnia can be made at this clinic, the DECODE ONLINE program and CBT-I are not available at TSI.  If initially assessed at TSI and wanting to proceed with DECODE ONLINE through the DECODE Insomnia Clinic, options will be discussed at the time of consultation.

Clinic details

Address (for studies, all appointments are virtual): 507-586 Eglinton Ave East, Toronto, ON M4P 1P2 

Phone: 416-488-6980

Fax: 416-488-3998




If these service options are not available or are not a good fit right now, please take a look at the DECODE resources.

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