While there is a lot of great sleep advice out there, it can be overwhelming to digest it all.  Unfortunately, there is also a lot of unhelpful and even harmful advice out there.  


Because, as a sleep physician, I see how impactful the right knowledge and interventions can be, I created this website to share how I understand and approach insomnia.    While my clinical area of interest is teen insomnia, my hope is that this information can be applied at any age.

I have written an article series called the Get Started series which will take you through how to understand sleeplessness and insomnia, followed by how to respond to sleeplessness and how to prevent sleeplessness.  Please start this series here.

If you are looking for information about the services I provide (including referral information), please click here.  

For existing patients, handouts can be found here.  

All the best!

~Dr. Cara Ooi