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PLEASE NOTE: Since the information recording above, details regarding the program and the supports provided within the program have changed considerably.  The Winter 2022 treatment session or 'sprint' is currently underway and, in response to participant feedback, significant improvements will be made for future cohorts.



  • The DECODE Insomnia Program is a comprehensive online program for youth (ages 13-26) with insomnia or sleep timing issues and their parents. 

    • The DECODE ONLINE option is meant for participants who are strongly motivated to work mostly independently, though questions will be answered through weekly Q&As.

    • The DECODE CONNECT option provides a higher level of support and accountability with access to weekly live group teachings, pre-treatment workshops, and weekly challenges. 


  • The DECODE Insomnia Program provides the step-by-step roadmap for getting sleep on track without the confusion and overwhelm

  • This program was built to help you take consistent action for long enough to see powerful and sustained change

  • This program provides a blueprint for being able to make future changes as sleep is a great 'first win' and the frameworks used in this program are helpful in all other areas of life.

  • DECODE ONLINE participants obtain access to a private portal with video lessons, cheatsheets, and worksheets as well as access to weekly Q&As. 

  • DECODE CONNECT participants obtain the above plus live virtual workshops, weekly challenges, and weekly live teachings with group support for both youth and parents.  See below for more details.



  • Upcoming treatment sessions or 'sprints': Spring 2022 (May 2-June 3),  Summer 2022 (dates TBD), Fall 2022 (October 17-Nov 18)

  • Cut-off for enrolment for the Spring Sprint: April 22, 2022 (if you enrol after this date, you will have immediate access to the pre-sprint modules and will participate with the next sprint).



  • Upon enrolling, you will be given immediate access to the private student portal and the WELCOME, LEARN and PREPARE modules.  You may see significant progress with just these modules alone and these modules create the foundation needed for the 5-week session or 'sprint'.

  • Before the start of the next 5-week sprint, both youth and parent participants can submit questions at any time and these questions will be answered in weekly group Zoom Q&As (Friday at 4pm EST for youth and Wednesdays at 12pm EST for parents).  These Q&As will be recorded and add to the searchable Q&A vault within the student portal.

  • FOR DECODE CONNECT PARTICIPANTS:  Before the start of the sprint, DECODE CONNECT participants will have access to all virtual workshops for the structure, support and accountability to get the pre-sprint steps done so that you can hit the ground running at the start of the sprint.  Some of these workshops will be made available outside of the program but you will have free access while enrolled in DECODE CONNECT.  All workshops will be recorded and can be viewed at a later time within the private portal.  Workshops offered during the pre-sprint include:

    • Define Sleep Goals & Your Big 3 (available to DECODE CONNECT participants only; offered as a youth only option as well as youth with parents option)

    • How to Relax with Relaxation Teacher Dani Kraftchuk (youth with parents)

    • Get the First Three Steps to DONE (youth with parents)

    • Put Tricky Moments on Autopilot with Routines (youth with parents)

    • Shift Your Body Clock and Use the Power of a Reset (youth with parents)

    • Help Your Teen Get Their Sleep On Track (available to DECODE CONNECT parents only)


  • During the 5-week treatment session or 'sprint', a new set of video lessons, cheatsheets and worksheets will be released on the private portal every Friday.

  • The Q&As for both youth and parents will continue through the sprint (Fridays at 4pm EST for youth and Wednesdays at 12pm EST for parents) for regular troubleshooting during the sprint.

  • FOR DECODE CONNECT PARTICIPANTS:  Parent participants will obtain access to additional support through a private Facebook group starting two weeks prior to the sprint until 2 weeks after the sprint.

  • FOR DECODE CONNECT PARTICIPANTS: During the 5-week sprint, there is access to weekly live group teachings on Mondays at 4pm covering topics like ​

    • Decisions Ahead of Time & Scheduling for Better Sleep

    • 2-Minute Habits & Your Daily 5

    • How to Get Things Done

    • How to Make Better Decisions 

    • Planning Your Next Change

  • DECODE CONNECT ONLY: Weekly youth/parent challenges for momentum and progress.


  • DECODE ONLINE: $300 for immediate access to the student portal video lessons, cheat sheets, and worksheets as well as weekly Q&As for both youth and parents until 2 weeks after the end of the sprint. 

  • DECODE CONNECT: $500 for immediate access to the student portal, weekly Q&As, all live virtual pre-sprint workshops, weekly live teachings during the sprint, and the private Facebook group for parents.

  • *Please note: This pricing is subject to change for future sprints.*

  • Cost an issue?  Apply for a scholarship by completing an application here.


What's the time commitment? 


The pre-sprint requires about 3-4 hours to watch the modules and complete the steps.  You have the option of getting the work done in the pre-sprint workshops which will take place on Mondays between 4-5pm EST during the month before the start of the sprints.

During the 5-week sprint, the weekly video lessons require a maximum of 1 hour to complete the video lessons and exercises.  Budget an additional ~20 minutes daily to complete sleep logs and the DECODE Daily practice during the sprint.

For DECODE CONNECT patients, there is an optional hour long weekly live teaching on Mondays between 4-5pm EST.  

What is required for the program?


For DECODE ONLINE participants, access to a good internet connection and a printer is required.  DECODE CONNECT participants also require access to Zoom and a Facebook account (for parents) to make full use of the additional supports. 


If you are interested in participating in the program, please contact the clinic at

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