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A webinar for teens, young adults & their parents

I'm Exhausted but I Can't Sleep

Why you can't sleep, why it's so hard to get sleep on track, and the best first 3 steps to take.

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What will be covered in this webinar?

Why start with sleep?

The Impact

Sleep has profound but often underestimated impacts on health, mood, attention, learning, problem-solving, relationships, and performance.  

While chronic insomnia can keep you stuck and unable to move forward, addressing insomnia can be the crucial first ingredient to getting back on track.

Relatively Quick Benefits

The right interventions for insomnia are straight-forward and highly effective, often producing results in days to weeks.


A quick and concrete approach can make all of the difference in getting better versus becoming distracted, derailed, and discouraged.

A Jumpstart

The skills, habits, and frameworks used to address insomnia translate to other areas of your life. 


Most importantly, seeing results that come from your efforts fuels the real game-changers:

confidence, motivation, and hope.

This webinar is a good fit for you if...

You're a teen or young adult with insomnia/poor sleep and...

  •  You've tried everything but nothing has worked


  •  You know what you need to do to sleep better but you're too tired or you have too much else going on to take consistent action for long enough to see change

  • You're struggling to balance sleep with your responsibilities and the freedom to enjoy your life

  • You're not sure that making changes to sleep better will work for you

  • You're not sure if you want to make changes to your sleep right now   

You're a parent with a teen or young adult with insomnia/poor sleep and...

  •  You're not sure why they can't sleep

  • You're not sure how to best support them in sleeping better

  • You are frustrated by the arguments about getting to bed, waking-up, and putting away electronics

  • They aren't interested in making changes to their sleep but you'd still like to know what you can do as a parent to help    

Presented by Dr. Cara Ooi, MD

Dr. Ooi is a sleep physician and psychiatrist who works with teens and young adults to help them sleep better so that they have more time and energy for the stuff that matters.   

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