I provide treatment for teens and young adults (ages 13-26 years) with chronic insomnia symptoms living in Ontario, Canada. 


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Lights in the Dark

Not sleepy at bedtime?

Have you tried to put away your devices but it just doesn't work?  Learn some other simple strategies to reduce the impact of screens and light on your sleep.

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Can't settle
in bed?

Learn how lots of time awake in your bed might be a major reason you can't sleep.  Retrain yourself to associate your bed with good sleep by setting up a Comfy Nook & a Sleep Box.

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Waiting hours
for sleep?

Learn how some simple math with the 14-hour rule will save you hours of tossing and turning in bed waiting for sleep.  Avoid snowballing into even more struggles with sleep.

Struggling with insomnia and don't know where or how to start?

Try these simple but powerful first steps to start getting your sleep on track.

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A 13-episode series on sleep.  Episodes of 10 minutes or less. 

Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcasts.



In addition to the Jumpstart Guides, these podcast episodes may help if you're having a hard time getting started, taking consistent action, or you're not seeing any progress.

How to Define Goals and Reasons to Sleep Better

This episode is about clarifying what better sleep may look like and why improving sleep is worth it for you.

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A Strategy to Help Get Started When You Don't Feel Like It

This episode may help if you're experiencing resistance to getting started and taking consistent action.

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An Option If You've Struggled to Get Traction in the Past

This episode talks about the strategy of using a short sprint to get your sleep on track.

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The Impact
of Sleep

Sleep has profound but often underestimated impacts on health, mood, attention, learning, problem-solving, relationships, and performance.  

While chronic insomnia can keep you stuck and unable to move forward, addressing insomnia can a the crucial first ingredient to getting back on track.

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Relatively Quick


The right interventions for insomnia are straight-forward and highly effective, often producing results in days to weeks.


A quick and concrete approach can make all of the difference in getting better versus becoming 

distracted, derailed, and discouraged.

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A Great Place
to Start

The skills, habits, and frameworks used to address insomnia translate to other areas of your life. 


Most importantly, seeing

results that come from your efforts fuels the real


confidence, motivation, and hope. 


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