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For adults and teens (13+) in Ontario, Canada

Doctor's Desk


Referrals are accepted for adult and teen patients (13+) in Ontario.  Appointments are virtual and covered by OHIP. Current wait time is ~3-4 weeks.  

***NEW: We are now offering an OHIP-covered treatment option***

Please fax referrals to 647-689-7588.  Any referral format will be accepted.  Following referral, you can direct your patients to step-by-step instructions (with a video walk-through) to request a consultation time online: New Patient Registration. To share this information easily, printable patient handouts and a clinic flyer are provided below.  While our standard process after receiving a referral involves contacting patients by phone and email, providing your patient with this information allows for more streamlined, prompt access to care.  

Referral does not trigger negation or require de-rostering.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a general Sleep Medicine clinic.  Sleep investigations are not available.  Click here for more details regarding Dr. Ooi's other clinical services at the Toronto Sleep Institute.


Beyond Standard Sleep Hygiene Advice

Following consultation, patients are provided with a clear understanding of their unique sleep challenges, why past attempts to sleep better haven't worked, and how to effectively & realistically move forward.   

Evidence-Based Non-Medication Treatment Options

Following consultation, patients have the option to continue with either an OHIP-covered treatment option called a Sleep Sprint or the more comprehensive DECODE Insomnia Program.


Both interventions utilize strategies from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I), the first-line recommended treatment for chronic insomnia.  CBT-I is a relatively quick and highly effective approach, even when insomnia has been present for decades and there are concurrent issues such as anxiety, depression, or chronic pain.

A Sleep Sprint is a 2-3 week behavioural intervention supported through OHIP-covered virtual visits with a physician.  There is the option to continue with the DECODE Insomnia Program after completion of a Sleep Sprint.

The DECODE Insomnia Program is a ~7-week comprehensive program which includes four sessions with a registered psychotherapist at the standard private psychotherapy rate (covered by many private insurance plans; psychotherapy invoice and letter provided).  

An Innovative, Practical Approach

To address common barriers to implementation and improvement, the DECODE Insomnia Program combines CBT-I strategies with habit coaching, strategies to manage cognitive overload, as well as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) strategies to align treatment goals with big picture values.


The DECODE Insomnia Program blends personalized support through virtual appointments with an online platform for self-paced, convenient learning. To minimize therapy costs, most of the program's educational content is delivered through the platform, reserving one-on-one sessions for troubleshooting, accountability, and therapeutic interventions. Participants are provided with a workbook as well as an online tools to support effective progress  between sessions.

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