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Dr. Ooi provides assessment and management of sleep disorders in youth ages 13-26 in Ontario, Canada.  A physician referral is required.  Appointments are covered by OHIP.  All clinic visits are virtual.

Dr. Ooi also provides comprehensive treatment for chronic insomnia and sleep timing issues in youth ages 13-26 in Ontario with the use of the DECODE Insomnia Program.  Suitability of this treatment option can be discussed at the time fo the consultation.  General insomnia and sleep timing advice is available if the treatment program is not a good fit.  


For more information about chronic insomnia and sleep timing issues, please watch the DECODE Insomnia START Video Series


Toronto Sleep Institute

Address: 507-586 Eglinton Ave East

Phone: 416-488-6980

Fax: 416-488-3998


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