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Therapy Session


Once a referral has been sent by your physician, you can register at the clinic and request an OHIP-covered virtual consultation through the online clinic portal.  

Please Note:  These instructions are intended for individuals who have already been referred by their physician. Appointment confirmation is contingent upon receipt of a physician referral and agreement with our clinic policies.  The DECODE Insomnia Clinic is a virtual clinic and serves individuals aged 13 and above in Ontario exclusively.


Estimated time ~5-10 minutes

For more guidance on how to register, request an appointment time, and review the clinic policies, please reference the video walk-through and/or the written instructions below.  Learn more about consultation at the DECODE Insomnia Clinic here.  

If you no longer want to move forward with a consultation, please let us know by emailing the clinic so that we can close your file and inform your doctor.  

​If you require assistance, please contact the administrative staff by emailing

Written Instructions to Register and Request a Consultation Time:

  1. Visit

  2. Choose ‘Patient’

  3. In response to ‘Have you been registered at our practice already?’, answer ‘No’.

  4. For the primary reason for the visit, enter 'insomnia' or 'sleep timing concerns'

  5. Choose the appointment type  

  6. Request a consultation time

  7. Enter the requested information.  Please choose 'Email' or 'Email and text message' as the 'Notification Method'

  8. Submit your request

  9. You will then be prompted to complete the Clinic Policies Questionnaire.  Please do not skip this step.  Review the policies then submit your answers.


In order to confirm your appointment, we must have a physician referral and you must complete the Clinic Policies Questionnaire.


Once we approve your request, you will receive a confirmation message for the appointment with details and a link to the virtual visit.  Please note that for scheduling reasons, your appointment time may 5-10 minutes earlier or later than your requested time. 

You will be prompted to complete intake questionnaires (estimated time required: 15-30 minutes) in the 7 day and 3 day reminder messages.  Please submit these questionnaires at least 2 full business days before the consultation.

Image by Matt Walsh



Please try the following: 1. Log on with a desktop/laptop instead of a device. 2. Check that the information you submited (DOB, OHIP, phone or email) was the information that you used at the time of registration If you still have issues, please contact the clinic for assistance One reason you may see this error message is that you are logging in from a link in the reminder message prompting to fill out any pending questionnaires. If all of the necessary questionnaires have been completed, you may see this error message. This is an error in the system that we have unforunately not been able to resolve. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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